Speakers, Amplifiers, Zone Selectors, Audio, Video, Control, Automation, Public Address, Announcements System, Special Sports & Motor Sports Electronics, Data Projectors, Conference Systems, Wireless Microphones, Powered Speakers, Microphone Mixers, Smart Podiums, Video Wall, IPTV, Satellite, SMATV, Digital Signage, Rooms Booking & Management, Meeting Rooms, Theaters, Board Rooms, Collaboration Rooms, Huddle Rooms, Deliberation Rooms, In table accessories & Hideaway, Pop up & hideaway monitor screens or PC or mic, Tabletop UC & AV

• Audio Video Systems including, Displays, Projectors, Central Storage and distribution of Media
• DATA Networks including BICSI RCDD Certified, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 and Fiber Optic Networks
• TV Aerial and Satellite rigs and Distribution
• Building Management System encompassing ECO Control
• Automated lighting control systems and Full Spectrum Lighting
• Stage Lighting and Audio Desks