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Sanitising Sprayer SANY-AIR Compressor for Sanitising Surfaces. A handheld spray compressor manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI of Italy for the sole use of sanitisation of surfaces. These include such things as tables, handles, switches, desks, chairs. It can also be use any objects in our homes, offices, working places and also vehicles.

It is therefore an ideal tool for disinfecting surfaces in public, commercial and also retail and hospitality environments. The potential areas of usage are therefore unlimited.

(schools, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, medical centers, gymnasiums, wellness centres, as well as butcher shops, confectionary industries, bakeries, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, airports and train-stations, bus terminuses, places of worship and many other public places).

SANY-AIR is a also quick sanitiser thanks to the nebulisation of the sanitising product placed inside the container of the spraying pistol. There is no sanitising solution with the unit.

We are now also able to supply SIP sanitising Fluid for these machines.  If interested please call us.



Following instructions given by the World Health Organization, the best sanitizing solution for surfaces and environments is the following:

  • Ethanol 96% (white methylated spirit)
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • Sterilized distilled water



  • Being a flammable liquid. Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparks, fire flames and any other objects that might catch fire.
  • To avoid breathing the nebulizing product when using SANY-AIR wear protective garments such as safety glasses, masks and gloves.